Friday, December 23, 2011

Skyrim Realistic Colors and Real Nights v14 with HDR Mod Comparison

Top screenshots are without the Realistic Colors and Real Nights v14 mod and screenshots under are with the mod. Screenshots also include RealisticWaterTextures 1.5b mod.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some New Zealand Copys of Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Came With Standard CD Key Not Limited Edition CD Keys Heres How i Fixed it

 Some New Zealand copys of Battlefield 3 Limited Edition... me being one of them  came with standard CD key not limited edition CD keys heres how i fixed it. What I did was email explaining my problem of having a standard cd key instead of the limited edition cd key and a photo with my limited edition cd, my cd key (which was the wrong cd key for the limited edition copy I paid for it was just a standard one) and everything else that came in the case plus i put my receipt in the photo (not sure if I needed to put the receipt in I heard of people not puting it in and getting the same result as me) that was all in one photo. I also sent a close up photo of my cd key and cd and within 12 hours they sent me a cd key to activate the back to karkand dlc.

Heres the email I got from them.

Hi there

Here is your new CD key for Battlefield 3, this new key unlocks all the bonus items that make up the Limited Edition

To use the code please follow the instructions below

Log into Origin and redeem the replacement serial number by clicking the "Cog" icon and clicking Redeem Product code, insert new CD key and click next.

Here is your CD key for unlocking the bonus items ****-****-****-****,

You should now have everything that makes Battlefield 3 the Limited Edition!

Technical Support
Electronic Arts (NZ)

 Once you activate it dont be scared if when you go on battle log for the first time its not showing that you have it. All you have to do is logout of the battle log browser and log back in and it should come up on the battlelog home page saying that you have it instead of the ad asking you if you want to buy it. This worked for me hope it works for others it seems to be a problem with the packing of the new zealand copys.


The Ea live chat support was no help to me I waited around 2 hours to speak to them and all they did was tell me that they couldnt do anything about it from their end and then to talk the people at the shop i bought it from. After I told them that the shop wasnt going to do anything about it they gave me a link to the web site I went to to get in to the live chat and then left the chat. Not sure why they gave me that link maybe they wanted me to wait in line for another 2 hours to talk to another person from the Ea live chat support that couldnt do anything to help me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Skyrim fxaa injector comparison

Top screenshots are without fxaa injector and screenshots under are with fxaa injector these screenshots are taken with the higher saturation presets.

These screenshot are taken with the lower saturation presets top are without fxaa injector and under are with fxaa injector.

Click here to download fxaa injector